Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Take on Capitalism

I saw this anti-capitalism poster on the web by the International Workers of the World printed in 1911. I guess this is one way to look at capitalism. It made me search about the advantage and disadvantage and its difference from socialism, which also has its pros and cons.

Under capitalism, a rich man is allowed to become richer and the poor man is allowed to become rich (and even richer). Sounds like a good thing. Though they are given the same freedom, the man with the most resources has the advantage. 

The downside of capitalism is not with itself but with how it is implemented. The critics of capitalism focus on its tendency toward market monopoly, oligopoly, various forms of economic and cultural exploitation, the repression of workers and most especially social inequality.

As for me, I'm not anti-capitalism but  anti-greed. The disadvantage of capitalism is rooted from greed. The bohemian in me has no need for excess wealth or power. I never saw myself as a ruler, a fooler or a shooter. But being in a banquet seems nice. =P

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