Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Independence Day at Avida Settings

Yesterday's a holiday and my friends and I decided to spend the day  just being care-fee. The night before, we stayed at my parent's new empty house at Avida Settings in Molino, Cavite. It was a drinking spree - red wine, rhum and vodka with some cheeses and chips. We watched favorite videos online and even made a crazy  video of ourselves. We slept on the floor with mattresses that we brought along. 

The next day after breakfast, that was lovingly prepared by my sister-in-law Erlaine who with my brother and little niece live in another house behind the house that we stayed in, we headed for the pool at the village clubhouse for a swim. It's actually my first time to go swimming there. I love it being an infinity pool and we had the entire pool to ourselves because we swam in the morning until early afternoon (for the price of sunburn).

We also enjoyed a little picnic. We ate our lunch of roast chicken and pork, with rice, chips and soda under a small tree. I really had fun that day. I think my friends and I will do this often.

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