Thursday, June 21, 2012

Whatever Happened to
BuhayBohemio Shirts?

If you've been following my blog you will recall that I've created my own line of shirts and launched it here last February. I've sold a few shirts, mostly to close friends and Facebook friends (thanks guys!) If I've exerted in marketing it I would probably have sold more shirts. 

I didn't market it outside Facebook because it feels kinda premature to do so with only four designs. If the designs are targeted to a niche market, like BloggerShirts, it would be okay. But the shirts I've designed are of mixed themes.

So I designed six more shirts of different themes. That will give me ten shirt designs to sell. Ten shirts seems enough to open an online store.

So this is a little preview of coming designs for BuhayBohemio Shirts. I'm taking my time in making the stencils though. I might replace some of them, or I might not produce any of them at all. I dunno. Though they are good designs, I feel that they are not, well, artful or unique?

Actually, I've just recently thought of a style and technique in screen printing that would give my shirts the   look that I am hoping for. I'm still studying the pros and cons. Hmm... maybe I should push through with these six designs, and when I start selling them I'll experiment on my technique. I hope it works!

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