Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Day in Mandaluyong City

Yesterday I thought of getting ICC stickers for my helmets at a DTI branch in Mandaluyong City. Old helmets now must be inspected for safety standards. If the helmet still has it's standard parts intact, then an Import Commodity Clearance sticker will be issued to it.

When I got to the DTI branch at 2 PM this is what I found - people crowding around the application desk. And there's a long line to where you get your helmets inspected for the sticker. At around 3 PM, they only accepted applications and you will have to come back the next day for them to check your helmet.

I failed to remember that when something is free, expect really long lines. According to statistics, there are more motorcycles than there are cars. So there are more motorcycle owners, and riders usually have more than one helmet. Imagine all of the riders in Metro Manila applying for the free ICC stickers in only 4 branches.

From what I've heard, stickers are free until the end of July. After that, you will have to pay a total of PhP 102.50 for the sticker and processing. Some say that the MMDA will start inspecting helmets by September and would give a warning instead of a ticket if your helmet has no ICC sticker. Full implementation will start on January 2013 and riders wearing helmets without the ICC sticker will be fined.

I decided instead to soon get a new helmet that already has an ICC sticker, because all my helmets have become tight since I've gotten dreadlocks. I still have to get stickers for them though so they could be resell-able.

Anyways, so as not to make my trip to Mandaluyong City a complete waste of time, I went to Mega Mall for a snack and to check out the current exhibit at the Art Center on the 4th floor.

Unfortunately the Art Center was closed yesterday. I could hear work going on from inside, probably in preparation for an exhibit opening on the weekend.

So instead I just looked at the other galleries at the same floor.

At least I got a closer look at one of Jeff Dizon's work being displayed at the window of  Art Circle Gallery. His detailed work and unique modern expressionist style really eludes me. The artwork above is acrylic on canvas, entitled "Damsel With Nine Fishes". See more of Jeff Dizon's paintings here.

Then I remembered that my cousin Emer's office is just inside Mega Mall. He works for a telecommunications company. Luckily it was his day off yesterday and he's done with the gym when I texted him. Emer is the cousin I am closest to and I haven't seen him for like eight months. So we met up and catch up over dinner and went window shopping.

It wasn't a bad day after all. ^_^

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