Friday, July 20, 2012

Developing my Own Sketch Filter

I also wanted to make digital sketched portraits but the graphic pen filter and the charcoal filter of PhotoShop is not so convincing with the very uniform strokes. I found some free plug-ins from the web that turn photos to pencil sketches but they only look good when zoomed out.

I realized that if you can't find a good sketch filter, then make one. Put that Photoshop adeptness into use! So after hours of experimenting, I was able to come up with this texture, with random strokes but kinda lacking in softness though. Looks more of a pen and ink sketch than pencil. Still good. ^_^

Don't try to scroll down the image. It's just a picture hehe.

This portrait, by the way, is of Pojie Pambid. A Director in PSID (Philipine School of Interior Design) and the Editor-in-Chief of MyHome, one of my favorite interior design magazines.

I was trying to achieve a Da Vinci feel on this portrait by using an antique paper texture combined with white and brown ink color. How do you like it?

If you want a portrait just like this click here.

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