Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Bohemian Fashion:
Dressed for the Dark Clouds

The rainy season is here in the Philippines and it came right on schedule. It started raining on the first day of June. In fact, it was the first storm to hit the country this year. 

So now we're on our second wet month and it has been really wet for the past few days. Rain is good for nature, yeah. But when we speak of heavy rains in the urban landscape, that means heavy traffic, puddles and floods, dirty cars, postponed events, and a lot of not-so-good things.

Not being able to wear your favorite getup is another. You wouldn't dare walk on the rain soaked streets wearing your favorite suede shoes and white jeans, would you? But I'm sure there's something in your closet that is perfect for this sad and dreary weather. For the bohemian man, there really is no excuse for not being stylish on a rainy day. ^_^

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