Monday, July 16, 2012

Me in an Art Exhibit
and Other Irregularities

So I made it to the opening of my friend's group art exhibition at Light & Space Contemporary last Saturday. The exhibit entitled "Charles Darwin, Me, and Other Irregularities" will run until August 5, 2012. 

I must say, art really is evolving. Today's world offers new media, new perspectives, and new circumstances that shaped this free-thinking generation. And four new breed of artists : Kuro, Ralph Eya, Julius Redilas and Andrei Venal, present works that manifest their unique adaptation to today's cultural climate.

Below are some snapshots of what you will find at LSC:

That's my friend Kuro telling me about one of his installation art pieces entitled "Desperate Soundtrack",  an old upright piano draped with candle drip, lit black candles, and with music coming from a speaker.

Taking a closer look at "Tawas at Barang", one a series of  giclee canvas prints by Andrei Venal.

Nice watercolor paintings of Googled pictures of dissected animals by Julius Redilas.

A performance inside a big box, viewed through a small hole, entitled "Twenty-Seven" by Ralph Eya.

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