Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bubble tea shops seem to be proliferating in in the Metro. Tea shops everywhere! That's good, I guess. That gives us a healthier alternative to coffee. Is it really healthier? Hehe but it sure is more affordable than your favorite drink from a coffee shop. 

I was at SenCha in BF, Parañaque with friends the other day. I really can't tell who makes the best tasting bubble tea because I haven't tried them all. But I do have something to say about this branch's interior - it's so... so girly hehe. Lots of pinks, and the all female crew are wearing sailor schoolgirl uniforms.

Really I still rather lounge in coffee shops for their cozy lighting and furnishings. I guess bubble tea shops aren't really designed for lounging. =P

Friday, September 28, 2012

Project Vintage Army Bike:
The Preview

Alright, here are before-and-after photos of my Kymco Zing. So this is a little preview. Every dismantled part is back to where it was and that's the advantage if you have your bike repainted by a bike mechanic. He knows which part goes where - down to the last screw.

James got me new round side mirrors and fork boots to hide the chrome. I love what he has done with the bike. It pretty much looks like an army bike. Only it looks pristine, since it was newly painted. The painting job is done but the project isn't over yet. The next step is to put stenciled texts, and to age it with finishing techniques I've learned at houseware and decor companies. ^_^ 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

This portrait is of my long-time friend Don Triviño. He's the blogger behind BonggaBa.Com, a food, travel and lifestyle blog. He also has a photo blog: DonTrivino.Com. Check 'em out!

Don wanted a portrait reminiscent of 19th Century paintings. He had himself photographed specially for this project. The original photo was taken by a common friend, Jayd, a professional photographer, the man behind JaydProductions.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Lumineers: Ho Hey

I so love this song by The Lumineers. Sweet words, and the chorus of ho heys is kinda cute. The Lumineers are an American folk rock band from Colorado. I learned about them and this chart climbing song when I started listening to the radio again. Their self-titled debut album was released April this year.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Project Vintage Army Bike:
The Painting Portion

Paint job done! No more chrome parts except the forks. The aluminum brake and clutch levers will be retained, as well as all the black parts made of rubber and plastic. 

Getting the right shade of green took a while. I'm not really particular of the hue but the saturation. It has to be drab to achieve the look I am hoping for.

Well it looks promising, don't you think? Paint job and photos by James Saulog.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Buhay Bohemio Shirts:
The Katipunan T-Shirt

Here's another design of mine for Buhay Bohemio Shirts. Quite a patriotic one, inspired by the Katipunan flag. For the benefit of my non-Filipino readers: KKK stands for Kataas-taasang Kagalang-galang na Katipunan (ng mga Anak ng Bayan). In English, Highest and Most Honorable Society (of the Children of the Nation).

The Katipunan was a secret revolutionary society founded by anti-Spanish Filipinos in 1892. Their goal was to gain independence from Spain through revolution. Yeah,  they're the first Filipino rebels. There are 10 known Katipunan flags . The letter K and a sun are prominent symbols on their flags. The "Bolo" is a Katipunan officer's sword.

If you're a proud and free Filipino who's against oppression, you should get one of these shirts! It is also available in black. Ladies' shirt available only in black.

To order and to see more shirts, please visit my online store. ^_^

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Project Vintage Army Bike

Do you guys remember my old bike, the KYMCO Zing? It's a Taiwan made 150cc cruiser I got for my birthday in 2002. Yup, I've been riding this bike for 10 years now. Actually, I thought of selling this bike and buy a newer second-hand bike with the money I got from the sale of my Honda CB-1 last year. 

I realize that I couldn't afford to maintain a big bike at this moment of my "voluntary poverty" hehe. My Zing is quite friendly on the wallet. It consumes less gas, and can start and run without a battery and parts are fairly priced. The bike is actually my savior when the CB-1 fails. But my bohemianism is calling for a stylish ride, so I decided to have it repainted instead.

But I'm not just giving it a new color. I'm giving it a thematic look. I've always have a fascination for vintage army bikes and I've collected these pictures of small-engine army bikes from the web. Click on the image above to see them in my Pinterest.

So my bike is currently disassembled at the shop of motorcycle expert James "Doktorbke" Saulog, located in Las Piñas City. My goodness! Look at all that dirt! Hehe 

I'm really excited about this project! ^_^

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to Radio Listening

I've been listening to the radio again, like since last month. One time I got tired of listening to the songs in my playlist (most are from the 90's and the first 5 years of the new millennium, and a few not so recent songs) so I turned my dusty radio on. I remember that I usually listen to NU107 back then.  But that station has long been gone. So without a favorite radio station,  you tend to just move the tuner back and forth until you hear something you like. 

Then I found one, a song from the 90's that I haven't heard for so long. Then it was followed by a song that's new to my ears by a familiar artist. Then I heard a completely new song that I really enjoyed. Then I realized I've been tuned in for hours.

Looks like I found a new favorite station that plays rock, alternative and indie music  - Jam 88.3 New Music Alternative. The station use to play pop-rock and it was only last year that they fully transitioned to what I think is a better genre hehe. During  that time I was stuck with favorite MP3s in my portable players.  

It's good to hear new singles from favorite artists like Green Day, Red  Hot Chili Peppers, Smash Mouth, Billy Corgan, Jack White, and Coldplay. I guess the good old traditional radio will always be best way to discover new music. Hmm maybe I'll make a 10-track playlist and share it to you guys. ^_^

Monday, September 17, 2012

It was totally awesome to see Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, kick some zombie ass again. Watched Retribution with friends last Saturday.

I've seen every episode. I was a bit disappointed however with the previous one (Afterlife) because she lost her super-human powers at the beginning of the movie. Though a bit vulnerable, her fighting skills are still there.

The latest installment has quite a simple plot. She was captured and the entire episode was all about escaping. But the action is great as always. At the end of the movie the T-Virus was injected in her again. So to see her in full power is something I look forward to on the next episode!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I printed some shirts today. It's nice to see different shirt designs hanging on my drying line. After posting my shirts online early this month, I got a total order of 15 shirts. Not bad huh? Most of the orders are by very supportive friends, buying more than just one shirt. Other customers are from outside the Metro, like Quezon and Zamboanga. I also got some inquiries from re-sellers. I guess simple, single-color printed shirts really has its own appeal.

This is all very inspiring. I really wish I could produce new screen printed designs in a snap!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Now this portrait is of my Facebook friend Kennedy. I used a color pallet that is a bit similar to Shepard Fairey's Obama "hope" poster. I find the colors quite interesting. Nice pop art feel. I'll see if I can come up with other color combos.  

See more digital portraits here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Bohemian Diet:
Cravin' for some Korean Cuisine

My friends and I decided go Korean for dinner last Saturday. So we went to the newly renovated Aladin 24, a Korean restaurant and grocery store along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes, Parañaque City.  I don't get to dine in a Korean resto often so  I was really glad for this chance to try another of their healthy and super spicy hot food. I ordered ojingeo bokkeum (spicy squid). You can order a large serving of the dish or a smaller serving that goes with sushi rice (perfect for bohemians hehe).  What I like about Korean restos is that they serve complimentary side dishes. I love kimchi! They also serve Japanese food, by the way.

My friends ordered strips of raw pork. They were in the mood for cooking it themselves. It would have been an all-thumbs-up experience if it weren't for the PhP 250 charge for the use of the small portable stove and the butane gas (plus cooking sauce and oil). Pretty odd. A can of butane gas for camping stoves is only around PhP 55. It's also strange that there were built-in stoves on the tables but they were not used. Perhaps they were not ready for use? The resto after all was newly renovated.

But in fairness to the place, the food is good. If you plan to order those that will require you to cook, check first if they're still gonna let you use camping stoves and charge you for the gas. =P

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Opening the BuhayBohemio Store

After one year and seven months since conceptualization, I finally opened a BuhayBohemio store in Paris. Hehehe wishful thinking! The photo is obviously photoshoped. But really, to open a physical store is a dream of mine. Yeah it's not an impossible dream at all.

As a small step, I've opened another online store on multiply and gave it it's own domain name.

So aside from, I have where I sell all my creations other than my digital art. So far you'll find 10 shirt designs there, most are available in 2 or 3 colors.

Here's one of my favorite designs. This is my USSR T-Shirt. Makes me feel like a cool Russian spy hehe.

This shirt is also available in red with yellow print and in black with red print. Black shirt also available for ladies. If you want to see more of my shirts visit my online store. ^_^

I'd really love to produce more shirt designs. But I think I'm gonna put ideas aside for a while to give way for the development of other merchandise. I'm thinking of making monk bags and some fashion accessories. Watch out for them!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

So my final activity last Tuesday brought me to Metrowalk in Pasig City. I met up with my motorcycle group MIB (Mga Independent Bikers). We usually get together every first Tuesday of the month. Been hangin' out with these people since 2002. 

We don't get to ride together out of town like we did years ago. Some took their time-off from social riding while others had just outgrown riding their bikes. I remember that we used to park our big machines near Starbucks and chat over coffee. Last night I was very amused to see them arrive on bicycles. ^_^
And while I was in Mandaluyong City yesterday I dropped by Mega Mall to check what's showing at the Art Center. I'm glad to have caught the exhibit "Love in the City" by Iza Caparas that opened in August 29 and ends today.

Below are two favorites:

Reggae Apparel and Fashion Accessories
by Pinoy Dreadman

I went to visit my loctician Avhel yesterday in Mandaluyong City. I didn't go to have my dreads retouched but to celebrate the opening of his new shop. He relocated it at the 3rd floor of Starmall, along EDSA corner  Shaw Boulevard. 

Avhel has been a loctician for like 10 years and he's one of the best. If it's quality dreadlocks you want then he's the man to look for. Avhel, also known as Pinoy Dreadman, is a bonafide bohemian. He makes cool bracelets made of beads and found items which he sells in his shop along with reggae inspired apparel. There are items for ladies too, which are sourced by "SlamChick" Bernie - Avhel's lovely business and life partner. 

You'll find some mountaineering items also. Check out their Facebook page here.

Avhel's shop is at the rear end of the tiangge area.

From left our friend Isko, SlamChick and PinoyDreadman.

A little store decked with Rasta colors.

Rasta blings by PinoyDreadman.