Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to Radio Listening

I've been listening to the radio again, like since last month. One time I got tired of listening to the songs in my playlist (most are from the 90's and the first 5 years of the new millennium, and a few not so recent songs) so I turned my dusty radio on. I remember that I usually listen to NU107 back then.  But that station has long been gone. So without a favorite radio station,  you tend to just move the tuner back and forth until you hear something you like. 

Then I found one, a song from the 90's that I haven't heard for so long. Then it was followed by a song that's new to my ears by a familiar artist. Then I heard a completely new song that I really enjoyed. Then I realized I've been tuned in for hours.

Looks like I found a new favorite station that plays rock, alternative and indie music  - Jam 88.3 New Music Alternative. The station use to play pop-rock and it was only last year that they fully transitioned to what I think is a better genre hehe. During  that time I was stuck with favorite MP3s in my portable players.  

It's good to hear new singles from favorite artists like Green Day, Red  Hot Chili Peppers, Smash Mouth, Billy Corgan, Jack White, and Coldplay. I guess the good old traditional radio will always be best way to discover new music. Hmm maybe I'll make a 10-track playlist and share it to you guys. ^_^

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