Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Opening the BuhayBohemio Store

After one year and seven months since conceptualization, I finally opened a BuhayBohemio store in Paris. Hehehe wishful thinking! The photo is obviously photoshoped. But really, to open a physical store is a dream of mine. Yeah it's not an impossible dream at all.

As a small step, I've opened another online store on multiply and gave it it's own domain name.

So aside from digitalpaintings.buhaybohemio.com, I have onlinestore.buhaybohemio.com where I sell all my creations other than my digital art. So far you'll find 10 shirt designs there, most are available in 2 or 3 colors.

Here's one of my favorite designs. This is my USSR T-Shirt. Makes me feel like a cool Russian spy hehe.

This shirt is also available in red with yellow print and in black with red print. Black shirt also available for ladies. If you want to see more of my shirts visit my online store. ^_^

I'd really love to produce more shirt designs. But I think I'm gonna put ideas aside for a while to give way for the development of other merchandise. I'm thinking of making monk bags and some fashion accessories. Watch out for them!

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