Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Bohemian Diet:
Cravin' for some Korean Cuisine

My friends and I decided go Korean for dinner last Saturday. So we went to the newly renovated Aladin 24, a Korean restaurant and grocery store along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes, ParaƱaque City.  I don't get to dine in a Korean resto often so  I was really glad for this chance to try another of their healthy and super spicy hot food. I ordered ojingeo bokkeum (spicy squid). You can order a large serving of the dish or a smaller serving that goes with sushi rice (perfect for bohemians hehe).  What I like about Korean restos is that they serve complimentary side dishes. I love kimchi! They also serve Japanese food, by the way.

My friends ordered strips of raw pork. They were in the mood for cooking it themselves. It would have been an all-thumbs-up experience if it weren't for the PhP 250 charge for the use of the small portable stove and the butane gas (plus cooking sauce and oil). Pretty odd. A can of butane gas for camping stoves is only around PhP 55. It's also strange that there were built-in stoves on the tables but they were not used. Perhaps they were not ready for use? The resto after all was newly renovated.

But in fairness to the place, the food is good. If you plan to order those that will require you to cook, check first if they're still gonna let you use camping stoves and charge you for the gas. =P


  1. it's really weird that they charge for gas. i remember the other yakiniku restaurant my folks and i used to frequent (before its untimely demise) never charged us for the gas.

  2. did they go bankrupt because they never charged for gas? LOL