Sunday, October 14, 2012

Was going to watch Hotel Transylvania the other day but it isn't being shown anymore. Fortunately there's the Flying Swords of Dragon Gate starring my favorite kung-fu actor Jet Li. I had no clue about the movie and was a bit worried because it might not be so great - like his previous one that I saw, The Sorcerer and the White Snake, where the few fight scenes were more magical in nature.

I'm glad that the movie turned out to be a good one. Nice fights, interesting characters, good plot, and the effects are cool. I've read that the 3D effects are done by the same creators of Avatar. Would have appreciated the cinematography more though, if the movie was dubbed in English. My attention was divided between the scenes and the subtitle.

I've also learned that the movie was released last year and it was a remake of the 1992 film New Dragon Gate Inn. There's also a 1966 film, Dragon Gate Inn. This recent film directed by Tsui Hark actually received numerous nominations in the 2012 Asian Film Awards.

There were just a few people in the cinema when I watched it. Looks like it's not getting a lot of attention by Filipino movie goers. They are all lining up at the other cinema showing Vice Ganda's movie. ^_^

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