Friday, November 30, 2012

Launching BuhayBohemio Blings

This is actually the second fashion accessory that I made for BuhayBohemio. The first were bracelets that got sold out  before I got to post in on my online store. Thanks Rudolph! ^_^

So this new bling is for my fellow dread-heads. I call this my "ox horn" dread tie. It's made of elastic chord with a horn toggle lock and beads. Now i'm not really sure if it's made of real horn. It could be made of resin. The very fact that I couldn't determine if it's real means that it looks convincing enough.

I only made 4 pieces of this dread tie (I'm keeping one for myself), and I'm not sure if I would be able to produce more in the future because I don't know where to get more of these ox horn toggles. I got them from an old coat that was on sale in an ukay-ukay store.

If you have long dreads and would like to have one of my stylish and handy, expandable and adjustable dread tie, inquire here. I'm selling them for PhP 120 each. ^_^

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