Monday, November 26, 2012

Lovely Vintage Jewelry
from Finders Keepers

I was at the Zonta Carnivale Bazaar held at the newly opened Filinvest Tent here in Alabang. I met a client there to deliver two digital portraits (hmm... it has been a while since I've shared digital paintings here). Anyway, since I was at the bazaar, might as well check out the stuff in there. Pretty cool, I should say, with items that you would't find in a typical bazaar or tiangge. After all it was a "soshal" kind of fair held in a pristine air-conditioned tent. There were performances too. But it was just a 2-day event. Maybe the tent will hold a new bazaar next weekend.

I found a lot of interesting items there but one booth got most of my attention - on two simple tables draped with white cloth is a clutter of an awesome collection of vintage jewelry from Finders Keepers. And behind them is a sweet lady, Wivina Teodoro who told me a little kwento about some of the pieces - what they're made of, where they're from. A number of pieces are authentically from the Art Deco period (1920's to 1940's), from different places in the world. Her little stall is like a mini jewelry museum! It's a night of jewelry appreciation for me and it's really nice of her to let me try on some bracelets and rings (even if this poor bohemian guy couldn't afford them LOL). Ahh I'm so reminded of my jewelry designing days.

So  here are a few lovely finds from Madam Wivina's collection. Click on the smaller photos to enlarge ^_^

If you would like to buy any of the vintage pieces shown here, or would like to see more of them visit Like their facebook page too!


  1. hi ! how are you? happy new yr!
    i just want to THANK YOU for the article you made about my collectible pieces! that's really very kind of you---i truly appreciate it. =0
    if you wish to see more of my items, i will be in mnl hotel on the 13th and 14th of jan(bazaar type for icwu event). hoping to see you there! also, i was feautured in metro magazine last dec16 (cover was sam milby)for ferragamo and others as well. =) pls try to get a copy if it's still available...
    anyway, MANY THANKS again and pls keep in touch. take care and stay safe...GOD BLESS

  2. Hi Madam Wivina! Welcome! Nice to hear about your blings being featured. I've read that vintage jewelry is a trend for Spring 2013. Hope to see you and more of your fabulous little treasures again. Happy New Year! ^_^