Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Holiday 2012 Projects
Part 1

Finally I got the change to get back to my blog. I've never been this busy in the holidays before. In 2011, my December projects were all customized shirts. The recent holiday, on the other hand, was mostly spent on making digital portraits. I made a total of 36 artworks. 

The first project came late in November. My very first client commissioned me to make portraits for his nieces and nephews, which will be given as his Christmas gift to them. They are 15 and the portraits are done in a single style.

This is one of the "ink wash" portraits which was printed on photo-paper, sized 11"x14". Making these portraits was easy because the original images are in high resolution. The photos are taken last year by Jayd Ramos, a mutual friend my client.

I actually placed the pints in the frames myself. I know that it sounds like an easy task but it really is something that must be done carefully. I had to wear gloves to prevent leaving fingerprints on the back side of the glass and smudge stains on the white matting. Also there shouldn't be any speck of dust or anything inside the frame before you seal it. I really learned a lot about the do's and don'ts about framing prints in this project.

My client is actually living in the Middle East so he had his brother Don (also a friend of mine) to hand the portraits to their "pamangkins". This photo was taken during the family reunion last month. Love it!

Three additional portraits in the same style were requested, this time of my client's friends and partner in Qatar. He also had a large canvas print made for another friend, which is overlaid with acrylic paint. I'll post a picture of that painting soon. ^_^

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