Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Holiday 2012 Projects
Part 4

I printed these 25 shirts on the first week of January but I had been working on the pre-printing process in the holidays. I actually burned the screen an hour after New Years Eve. Yup I've been printing shirts side to side with making digital portraits. I printed in the daytime and worked on digital images at night. I remember that I had to ignore some  inquiries  for BuhayBohemio shirts. Haha. I got back to them a couple of days ago.

Fitz, my partner in Blogger Shirts, got us this project. It's an event shirt that a group of Pinoy bloggers will wear on an outreach program. It will be held next week, I think. It's nice to know that a group of bloggers out there are reaching out to our less fortunate kababayans early in the year.

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