Monday, January 21, 2013

Taal Heritage Tour:
The House of Gregorio Agoncillo

The next destination of our heritage tour last December lead us to this beautiful white house which is of walking distance from Taal Basilica. This house built in the 1800's is the home of Don Gregorio Agoncillo, who was an active supporter of the Philippine Revolution against the colonial government of Spain. He also was a director of the Philippine National Bank and of Manila Hotel. Yeah, he's one rich dude from long ago and his house in Taal typifies a dwelling place of an affluent Pinoy family in the late 19th Century.

Photos by me and Don Triviño. Click the small images for a closer look.

All white on the outside, all brown on the inside. Wood is the primary material - floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture. You'll find cool stuff from the Edwardian Era to the Art Deco period.

I wonder what I'd be doing on a Saturday afternoon if I live in a house like this.

Capiz shell windows, patterned floor tiles, and period furniture. So charming!

Sometimes I dream of waking up in a room like this. 

This is me under a nostalgic spell LOL. We only snooped around this historic house for maybe less than an hour and it already had this effect on me.

Coming up: another old house. ^_^

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