Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Taal Heritage Tour:
The House of Leon Apacible

Leon Apacible was a lawyer, judge and a revolutionary in the 1890's. He was appointed by Emilio Aguinaldo as finance officer of Batangas, and then a delegate of the Malolos Congress.  This house is where he lived and it was a meeting place for Filipino heroes like Jose Rizal and Mariano Ponce.

Photos by me and Don Triviño. Click on the small images to enlarge. ^_^

At the ground floor you will find some  artifacts and these photos from the Philippine-American War.

Check out the interior. So brown. Houses from  this period always have a second floor that is made entirely of wood while the ground floor is made of adobe or bricks.

Again the bed is at the center of the room. I wonder if that's where it really was back then.

I love the kitchen! Look at that built-in firewood stove!

You guys aren't tired of old houses, are you? Well there's one more coming up. LOL!

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