Monday, January 21, 2013

Taal Heritage Tour:
A Second Look at Taal Basilica

Last month on the 29th, even if I had some work to do, my friends were able to persuade me to go with them,  along with other travel bloggers, on a heritage tour in Taal, Batangas. The last time I visited the Basilica de San Martin de Tours was in March last year and there were areas in the old basilica that I didn't get to see. Now this recent visit was a mini adventure. The kind that is not fit for those with acrophobia and claustrophobia.

(Photos by me and Don Triviño. Click on the small images to enlarge.)

The Taal Basilica owns the largest bell in the Philippines. It's 6.42 ft in height and 19 ft circumference at the lip. It is not being used anymore and is placed on a platform in front of the basilica. 

This is, I think, the living quarters for the clergy. It looks like Padre Damaso will just walk in any minute.

Stone walls, steps and vaulted ceilings will lead you to the stain glass windows that you see at the facade of the basilica.

A dark and narrow stairway leads to the belfry.

For Php 50 you will be given access to the belfry and the basilica roof. There are no safety railings so one wrong move can send you about 20 meters to the ground.

That's me standing on the upper right corner of the basilica's facade. It was a bit scary.

The bells. The old gigantic one is replaced a by couple of smaller ones. Not sure if there are more. They are electronically operated. 

From the top of the basilica you'll get a really nice view of the municipality because the old church is quite a tall structure that is built on a high place in Taal. And there's more to see in this beautiful historic place. Check out the coming posts!

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