Friday, January 11, 2013

Trying Out Caricature

Originally, my client intended to have a portrait done for their boss, who's leaving their team this month, and they would like to give it as a farewell gift. But instead, they decided to give their boss a caricature of their  team of 7 people, doing the Gangnam Style dance.

What do you think? This is actually my first caricature work. I'm not really a fan of this style of portraiture but I admit it's quite entertaining to look at those exaggerated facial features of famous personalities done by known caricature artist such as Sebastian Kruger and David Levine. 
Caricature is meant to make the subject look funny but the thing is not everybody wants to look funny. So the typical caricature portrait you'll find simply illustrates a person having an enormous head, minus all the other distortions. This is to be safe, I suppose. I mean, a gift-giver doesn't want to end up offending the recipient, right? Hehe.

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