Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hurts Like Heaven
by Coldplay

            I love the animated comics in this video. Nice song too. I'm loving Coldplay more and more.

           This video directed by Mark Osborne (who also did Kung Fu Panda) was released October last year. Coldplay's album Mylo Xyloto that includes this song is actually a concept album that tells an interesting   story of Mylo and Xyloto, 2 rebels that are against a government that bans sound and color in a futuristic dystopian world. Cool huh? Give it a listen! I like the line, " use your heart as weapon and it hurts like heaven."

Monday, February 25, 2013

       Here's a new self portrait inspired by the iPhone and iPad app known as iMadeFace. I didn't use the app to make this hehe. I made this in CorelDraw and added the grungy effect on PhotoShop.

        The style reminds me of artist Julian Opie (who did the CD album cover of the Best of Blur), also of old school comics and simple Asian cartoon illustrations (Hello Kitty, Pucca and Garu, etc.)

        If you want to have a portrait in this style click here. See other styles here. ^_^

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Still Need Some Space

       This is not really the first time I talked about my need for more space. Realizing that my folks will not move in to the new house in Cavite, none the furniture here in the Alabang house is going anywhere. So that means no extra space is gonna show up here anytime soon.

         I've been keeping this photo I grabbed from photographer Kent Yu's Flickr. I've always wanted to set up something like this  here at home. I really want a big seamless backdrop. I can buy one but where will I put it?

       When I take a picture of myself I do it here at the balcony. I  had to wait for late afternoon for a good direction  of light. And because it's an open space, no shooting on rainy days.  If I'm gonna set up a studio here I'll need a roof above this space. That's really gonna cost a lot. How about a tent?

        I suppose I can set up a studio here in the garage where I do my screenprinting. There's still some space here. I'll just move the bike and tell the dog to nap elsewhere.

        But if I set up a studio in the garage I will need to put some covering at the gate that can be drawn up. Like improvised Roman blinds made of white tarp maybe. Surely that will cost less than to build a roof on the balcony. Hmmmm what to do??? I really need a photo studio for my craft!

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Pretty Pink House for Rent

         Last Sunday we had our new house in Avida Settings blessed along with my brother's house which is just behind it, facing another street. It took a while for my folks to have the house completely done. The second floor had no partitions for like 2 years so it had been a really nice venue for house partying with friends. Now it has 3 bedrooms upstairs, with a toilet and bath on both floors.  Also, overhead cabinets are installed in the kitchen area.

     I'm a bit sad about this house being rented off. The chance to design and decorate the interior flew off the window, just like the chance to design a stylish farmhouse. But most importantly, the chance to live in a better village went poof! Actually the original plan is that my parents will live in this house and I'll have a room here. Accordingly some of the furniture from the Alabang house will be brought here and that's gonna give me more space in the old house to set up a photo studio. That also gives a chance to prepare the old house for renting or sale. 

        Hmm if the old house gets sold, where will I do my shirt printing and other stuff? 

        Well I guess I don't even have to worry about that now.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hearts Day!

         As a Valentines Day special, let me share to you this playlist of mine on Spotify. If you love boy-and-girl duets and alternative music, you'll surely enjoy this collection. XOXO

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

      Yesterday I looked out the window to rest my eyes a bit from an artwork I was working on in my PC. I saw a maya bird perched among this hideous cluster of phone and cable TV wires. I took a picture of it and got inspired a bit. Added some effects  and put some words on the wires. Click on the picture to see what it reads. ^_^

Monday, February 11, 2013

An Art Fair to Remember

         I learned about Art Fair Philippines in an interior design magazine I was reading while lounging with some friends in a coffee shop. And it has been a while since I went to an art fair so I made sure I wouldn't miss this one.   Art Fair Philippines was held on the 6th floor of The Link, a car park in Ayala Center and ran from February 7 to 10, 2013.

       There are some things about this art fair that I like, compared to another one that I visited last year. The location was fabulous, the lighting was better, the floor layout was interesting, the entrance fee is cheaper, and most importantly, I really think that the art exhibited here were better - in the sense that a lot of pieces really wowed me. There were only 24 galleries/art groups who participated in this art fair (that's almost half of the one I visited before) but I must say that they were well selected. No creative person left the building uninspired! Not bad for their very first show.

Click on the photos below for a closer look ^_^

       At first I thought somebody used the building shaft as a feature. Then I realized it was just an illusion created by mirrors.

It's good to see new pieces by a favorite  artist. Gabriel Barredo's new sculptures are animated!

I like the character in this particular collection.

I should try this sometime - a portrait using
black thread and a fine screen.

This piece would make a real nice ottoman. Love it!

Check out more of the cool works. Click the images below to enlarge ^_^