Monday, February 18, 2013

A Pretty Pink House for Rent

         Last Sunday we had our new house in Avida Settings blessed along with my brother's house which is just behind it, facing another street. It took a while for my folks to have the house completely done. The second floor had no partitions for like 2 years so it had been a really nice venue for house partying with friends. Now it has 3 bedrooms upstairs, with a toilet and bath on both floors.  Also, overhead cabinets are installed in the kitchen area.

     I'm a bit sad about this house being rented off. The chance to design and decorate the interior flew off the window, just like the chance to design a stylish farmhouse. But most importantly, the chance to live in a better village went poof! Actually the original plan is that my parents will live in this house and I'll have a room here. Accordingly some of the furniture from the Alabang house will be brought here and that's gonna give me more space in the old house to set up a photo studio. That also gives a chance to prepare the old house for renting or sale. 

        Hmm if the old house gets sold, where will I do my shirt printing and other stuff? 

        Well I guess I don't even have to worry about that now.

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