Monday, February 11, 2013

An Art Fair to Remember

         I learned about Art Fair Philippines in an interior design magazine I was reading while lounging with some friends in a coffee shop. And it has been a while since I went to an art fair so I made sure I wouldn't miss this one.   Art Fair Philippines was held on the 6th floor of The Link, a car park in Ayala Center and ran from February 7 to 10, 2013.

       There are some things about this art fair that I like, compared to another one that I visited last year. The location was fabulous, the lighting was better, the floor layout was interesting, the entrance fee is cheaper, and most importantly, I really think that the art exhibited here were better - in the sense that a lot of pieces really wowed me. There were only 24 galleries/art groups who participated in this art fair (that's almost half of the one I visited before) but I must say that they were well selected. No creative person left the building uninspired! Not bad for their very first show.

Click on the photos below for a closer look ^_^

       At first I thought somebody used the building shaft as a feature. Then I realized it was just an illusion created by mirrors.

It's good to see new pieces by a favorite  artist. Gabriel Barredo's new sculptures are animated!

I like the character in this particular collection.

I should try this sometime - a portrait using
black thread and a fine screen.

This piece would make a real nice ottoman. Love it!

Check out more of the cool works. Click the images below to enlarge ^_^

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