Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Still Need Some Space

       This is not really the first time I talked about my need for more space. Realizing that my folks will not move in to the new house in Cavite, none the furniture here in the Alabang house is going anywhere. So that means no extra space is gonna show up here anytime soon.

         I've been keeping this photo I grabbed from photographer Kent Yu's Flickr. I've always wanted to set up something like this  here at home. I really want a big seamless backdrop. I can buy one but where will I put it?

       When I take a picture of myself I do it here at the balcony. I  had to wait for late afternoon for a good direction  of light. And because it's an open space, no shooting on rainy days.  If I'm gonna set up a studio here I'll need a roof above this space. That's really gonna cost a lot. How about a tent?

        I suppose I can set up a studio here in the garage where I do my screenprinting. There's still some space here. I'll just move the bike and tell the dog to nap elsewhere.

        But if I set up a studio in the garage I will need to put some covering at the gate that can be drawn up. Like improvised Roman blinds made of white tarp maybe. Surely that will cost less than to build a roof on the balcony. Hmmmm what to do??? I really need a photo studio for my craft!

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