Thursday, March 21, 2013

My New Acoustic Guitar

        Yup! The guitar that I've been meaning to buy - here it is! It's an Ibanez AW300ECE. It has a built in pick-up, nice chestnut color and inlaid with abalone shell. Finally a better sounding guitar than my previous one that I sold off. It's bigger and heavier and I realize that these factors contribute to a fuller guitar sound. A body that is made of solid wood effectively transmit vibration than plywood  -  and solid wood of course is heavier.

       My new guitar is kept in it's box. I don't hang it or put it on a guitar stand as an anti-procrastination measure hehe. I need to get some stuff done and the sight of this beautiful instrument is like saying, "play me! play me!"

          As always, I hope to get to record some songs with this - also with my ukulele. *sigh* So many songs, so little time! Hehe

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