Friday, March 15, 2013

Old Churches in Rizal and Laguna:
Baras Church

      The second destination in our Rizal-Laguna trip brings us to the municipality of Baras. The Church is also known as the St. Jospeh Parish Church. The present structure was completed in 1686. The Franciscans built the original church in 1595.

       Click on the photos for a closer look. It's a bit dark in the church so my point n' shoot camera is failing me hehe.

       Not as big as Moron church but the interior is more interesting. Quite rustic actually. The altarpiece is gilded with metallic green and red. Kinda "christmas-y" though.

        The exposed rough timber beams and trusses gave most of the rustic feel of the church. I like it. Except that I can see the corrugated steel roofing. You'll see bats too.

       What I find most interesting is the sculptural value of their Via Crucis or Way of the Cross. Very Pinoy folk art. See all 14 of them when you visit Baras Church.

       Our next destination: Tanay, Rizal.

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