Friday, March 15, 2013

Old Churches in Rizal and Laguna:
Tanay Church

         The third church we visited is located in the municipality of Tanay. It is also known as the San Ildefonso Parish Church. The present structure was completed in 1783. 

Click on the pictures for a closer look. 

Compared to the first two churches that we visited in Rizal, for me this one has a better interior. 

The octagonal dome ceiling.

      The retablo (altarpiece) behind the altar is really awesome. At the center is a statue of St. Ildephonsus. The saint is from the 7th Century, was archbishop of Toledo, Spain, and is a theological writer.

The retablo at the left transept looks real elegant in white and gold paint, with accents of turquoise blue.

The retablo at the right  transept. 

        Their Via Crucis relief sculptures are real cool. They seem to be as old as the church itself. Each is made from one large plank of wood. The frame is made of concrete that is fixed on the wall.

         Ok we're done with Rizal. Off to Laguna...

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