Monday, March 25, 2013

Portraits for Two Daughters

          I hoped to be commissioned for contemporary style portraits and last month I got this project. They are for my client's two daughters and they are styled to compliment the interior of their bedrooms.

       For Ysabella, a 4-piece set of 20"x20" canvas prints. Her room has a motif of black and white with accents of magenta, turquoise, purple and apple green. On her pop art style portrait I used halftone dots, different black and white patterns, and used real paint on the accent colors.

         For Ylisse, a large canvas print of 45"x 35" and this is so far the largest artwork I've done for a portrait. Her room has a nice  world travel theme.

     The project started mid February and I've just delivered everything last Saturday (23rd March). The artworks of course went through a series of revisions and approvals. And I had trouble with the discrepancy between the actual print and the file (as seen through a monitor). Usually the differences are tolerable but in this project, by its style, the discrepancy was too conspicuous. Like Ylisse's artwork came out too saturated on the first print which doesn't compliment the sedate colors of her room. With Ysabella's, one panel was printed first for approval and when the other 3 panels were printed their grays came out with a bluish tint.

       Printing shops of course would just print whatever file you give them and are not really concerned with the difference between how an image file looks on their monitor and yours. So I had to pay for scaled down test prints and the final reprints. The cost to have these corrections done ate up some of the profit hehe. But I did learn a lot from this project. Now I know what to do to get prints that will be close to the desired colors. ^_^

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