Sunday, April 28, 2013

      Today's  temperature here in Metro Manila peaked at 34 degrees Celsius. Now that's nothing compared to last April 19th where the temperature soared at 37 degC. Yeah summer isn't over yet so who knows what record breaking temperature is coming our way.

         Days like these I wish I were in a beach. I haven't gone to one yet  this year. My folks, and also my peers, are still planning for a trip next month. If I have the time I'd go on a solo trip tomorrow but I still have a lot of stuff to do. Well I think it's better to get most of the tasks done so I could enjoy the vacation more. 

        So for the meantime, with just a couple of hours to spare, this small plastic tub will do. =P

Friday, April 19, 2013

       Here's a recent portrait project. A graduation gift of my client to her niece Erica. It was printed on a 16" x 20" sheet of art canvas.

       Like for most of the digital portraits I've made, the source picture of this artwork was just grabbed from Facebook. Fortunately the picture is large enough (about 600 x 800 pixels) to give a clear detail of the face.

      And of course because it's digital, a photo taken anytime and anywhere with a smart phone can be modified to look as if the subject actually posed for a painting.

       See more of my digital paintings here.

      Want a portrait done fast? Click here.

A Pile of Work with Just
a Pair of Hands

      I have a lot of things waiting to be done, you know. Well just like everybody else, I suppose. I can make a looong list of to-do's. 

     Aside from the current orders of shirts and portraits which are in the priority tray,  I am yet to rebuild my online stores - and I'm still deciding if I should still use Multiply.Com after the big inconvenience that was caused  by their changes. 

               Rasta shirts printed last Monday
               for a friend who will be selling them
               in a reggae event this weekend.

        The screens for the new designs of Buhay Bohemio Shirts are waiting to be stretched; New blings that I made and found are waiting to be photographed and posted for sale; Samples of shirts with directly hand-drawn designs are put aside along with my plans of producing Thai pants.

       My portraiture services needs some improvement. I feel that it falls short by just offering prints and not having a wide selection of frames. I've already spoken to my frame supplier and I need to come up with costs and  product images real soon. Oh and I remember that I have some unfinished original digital art that I have to get back to!

       Why there's work to do in this blog also. It needs more quality posts, additional widgets and links here and there. I haven't posted anything new under My Bohemian Fashion, which actually is one of the most viewed  posts in this blog. And that reminds me of the photo studio that I need to set up in the garage. But before I do that, I need to work on an improvised covering that I will put on the grill gate.

      What else? On the low priority list: There are songs I'd like to learn to play with the guitar and I want to record them too. Also I'd like to learn 3D rendering. Ah! I could go on and on and on...

      So many things to do and there's only me, myself and I to do all these. So when orders come, some things will be set aside - like product development and other creative undertakings. But that's okay, orders do bring in the money. 

      Some friends suggest that I hire people to do the other tasks for me. But the thing is, my work is creation and bohemians like me enjoy the process more than the goal. But I do admit that sometimes I wish there were 3 or 5 of me. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Late Birthday Gifts
and My Instagram

       Better late than never! hehe! A few days ago I got these presents from my brother Mark and his wife Erl. Before my birthday they asked me if I wanted anything. And me being happy with nice inexpensive things asked for a pair of army green flip-flops from Banana Peel. Yeah, fatigue green is one of my favorite colors. 

       So I got my flip-flops and it came with a surprise. They got me this nice soft case for my new guitar. I can now conveniently bring my guitar anywhere and look like a professional musician hehe.

      Took these photos thru Instagram, an app that I'm beginning to enjoy using. Click on the polaroids to my Instagram page. 

        You know I've read a blog post of some dude who deleted Instagram from his device because it "limits his creativity" and describing Istagram as "a regression, not a progression (of art)". He had to explain  the complexity of the process of black-and-white film photography.

      Relax! Instagram was not created to replace any form of art. It's just a photo-sharing app with a few filters to add a little creativity to your shots. It is for capturing moments that you like to share immediately. You don't carry your SLR all the time, right? ^_^

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

        I've just recently watched Sucker Punch. Failed to see it on the big screen when it was released 2 years ago.  Pretty good, in my opinion. I think the critics who gave  this film negative reviews put too much importance to the criterion of plot profoundness, and probably don't play video games hehe. Impressive action scenes, special effects and cinematography, if you ask me.  And I love these kick-ass girls!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Multiply.Com Subtracts!

       This is really upsetting. Now I've been pretty much aware that Multiply.Com will quit their online social network services and will focus on being an online marketplace. Since last year they have been sending notices and advised social network-users to download or migrate their photos and other stuff posted there. To vendor-users like me, we were advised to make sure that our photos are tagged as products - and that's it.

         Recently I was surprised to see the changes in my online stores at Multiply. The header was gone and the embedded images too,  product photos were jumbled up and some are missing, and some prices were in millions! Also, the albums that contained samples of my digital portrait paintings - poof!

       I really don't want to determine the total hours I've spent on building my online stores - all the customizing and uploading of images. Now hours will be spent again to fix everything. I think it would be convenient to just delete all the messed up items and upload them again, that is, if I ever get the motivation to fix it at all.

        I was looking at the new dashboard and found no option to customize the look of the store. I'd like to think that having customize-able pages is one of the best features of Multiply. With that gone, I really don't know what to think of this website. It now just looks like Sulit.Com. But hey, Sulit.Com has better traffic because they have TV and Radio ads and the product pages accepts HTML.

         Hmmm I think I'm gonna give my Sulit.Com ads more attention...