Thursday, April 4, 2013

Late Birthday Gifts
and My Instagram

       Better late than never! hehe! A few days ago I got these presents from my brother Mark and his wife Erl. Before my birthday they asked me if I wanted anything. And me being happy with nice inexpensive things asked for a pair of army green flip-flops from Banana Peel. Yeah, fatigue green is one of my favorite colors. 

       So I got my flip-flops and it came with a surprise. They got me this nice soft case for my new guitar. I can now conveniently bring my guitar anywhere and look like a professional musician hehe.

      Took these photos thru Instagram, an app that I'm beginning to enjoy using. Click on the polaroids to my Instagram page. 

        You know I've read a blog post of some dude who deleted Instagram from his device because it "limits his creativity" and describing Istagram as "a regression, not a progression (of art)". He had to explain  the complexity of the process of black-and-white film photography.

      Relax! Instagram was not created to replace any form of art. It's just a photo-sharing app with a few filters to add a little creativity to your shots. It is for capturing moments that you like to share immediately. You don't carry your SLR all the time, right? ^_^

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