Monday, April 1, 2013

Multiply.Com Subtracts!

       This is really upsetting. Now I've been pretty much aware that Multiply.Com will quit their online social network services and will focus on being an online marketplace. Since last year they have been sending notices and advised social network-users to download or migrate their photos and other stuff posted there. To vendor-users like me, we were advised to make sure that our photos are tagged as products - and that's it.

         Recently I was surprised to see the changes in my online stores at Multiply. The header was gone and the embedded images too,  product photos were jumbled up and some are missing, and some prices were in millions! Also, the albums that contained samples of my digital portrait paintings - poof!

       I really don't want to determine the total hours I've spent on building my online stores - all the customizing and uploading of images. Now hours will be spent again to fix everything. I think it would be convenient to just delete all the messed up items and upload them again, that is, if I ever get the motivation to fix it at all.

        I was looking at the new dashboard and found no option to customize the look of the store. I'd like to think that having customize-able pages is one of the best features of Multiply. With that gone, I really don't know what to think of this website. It now just looks like Sulit.Com. But hey, Sulit.Com has better traffic because they have TV and Radio ads and the product pages accepts HTML.

         Hmmm I think I'm gonna give my Sulit.Com ads more attention...

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