Sunday, April 28, 2013

      Today's  temperature here in Metro Manila peaked at 34 degrees Celsius. Now that's nothing compared to last April 19th where the temperature soared at 37 degC. Yeah summer isn't over yet so who knows what record breaking temperature is coming our way.

         Days like these I wish I were in a beach. I haven't gone to one yet  this year. My folks, and also my peers, are still planning for a trip next month. If I have the time I'd go on a solo trip tomorrow but I still have a lot of stuff to do. Well I think it's better to get most of the tasks done so I could enjoy the vacation more. 

        So for the meantime, with just a couple of hours to spare, this small plastic tub will do. =P


  1. Cool! Haven't gone to the beach yet din but my officemates are planning to go to Zambales this May. Hopefully this pushes through. xD

  2. Hi again Gellie! Yeah I hope we all get to the splashing waves before the heat waves get to us. LOL