Friday, July 26, 2013

Riding a PNR Train
for The First Time

     The new mayor of  Manila has just recently banned public buses from entering the city as a measure to improve the traffic on it's major avenues. Manila is just one bus ride away from my city (Muntinlupa) and I've often took the bus to get there for almost two decades.

     I went to Divisoria in Manila yesterday and I thought that it's a good time for me to try another mode of transportation that has been around for more than 7 decades.

       Yup I took a PNR (Philippine National Railways) train, for the first time in my life, to go to Divisoria where the North terminus station of the railway is located. Only Php 20 to get there from Muntinlupa on an air-conditioned train! Half the fare of an air-conditioned bus that will only take me as far as Lawton.

       My train left Muntinlupa Station (located behind Starmall Alabang) at around 1:30 PM and we reached Tutuban Station in Divisoria at 2:45 pm. So an hour and 15 minutes. Just a few minutes less versus taking a bus to Lawton plus a jeep to Divisoria.

      But the train ride felt slow than it really is. Maybe because it was a boring ride. A boring, noisy and bumpy ride. (It was also getting warm when the train got packed with commuters) The windows are clad with steel mesh for protection. There isn't much to see anyway. So I think of them as something to protect you eyes from some "depressing"  things along the PNR tracks. 

       I also took the train back to Alabang. The good thing about boarding a train from a terminus station is that you have a good chance of getting a seat.

         Yeah I'll probably take the train on my next trip to Divisoria. ^_^

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

          I only got to see Pacific Rim this evening. Busy schedules has again caused me to watch a movie alone and just a few days before it is taken out of the theaters. 

        Well, better late than never because big  robots such as these are best viewed on the big screen. The movie was just AWESOME! A real spectacle! Finally the decades-old concept, of piloted skyscraper-sized robots battling gigantic beasts, came to life through today's advanced 3D animation. Damn! Nothing's impossible in movies anymore.

      You're gonna watch the movie for the fight scenes of course and the fight scenes here will certainly not bore you. Because each Jaeger (super robot) and Kaiju (giant monster) has some tricks under their sleeves. Plus you will enjoy the realism of them tearing each other down (yeah, dents and cuts just won't do).

       I've read about the possibility of a sequel. I sooo can't wait! ^_^

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Old Works:
A Plaster Ammonite

         Just sharing this ammonite wall art I made back in 2005 (or earlier). 

      It is made of cast plaster and I was trying out the material then. The model is made of clay, the disposable mold is also made of plaster. I made 2 or three different pieces and this is the only one that survived. 

        I never tried it again. Working with plaster is kinda messy. Plaster dust everywhere!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nylon Gate Covers

        I mentioned in previous posts that I need to make some kind of covering on our grill gate. The purpose of which is to provide a bit of privacy when I do photography sessions in the garage. I asked about roll-up shades, and that's gonna cost me thousands of Pesos. Now that's not bohemian at all hehe.

      So I made these gate covers made of white nylon fabric and aluminum tubes. I sewed them up myself. Bought the nylon in a nearby fabric store for just PhP 35 per yard, and the 3/8" aluminum tubes in a nearby shop (why would I go to a store that's far away? hehe). Anyway, I only spent PhP 600 for everything. ^_^

       These nylon gate covers can be easily put away when not needed. I didn't want to cover the entire length of the gate to keep good ventilation. Also, I chose a thin white (and fast drying)  fabric so I could still enjoy some sunlight.

            From the inside.
           From outside.
            Hook-hangers made of thick wire.

        So what's the next step? Gonna get a gray photo backdrop. Well I'll see if I can improvise one also. ^_^

Monday, July 8, 2013

          I watched Despicable Me 2 last weekend with friends. I've seen the first and really enjoyed it. I think a lot of people came to watch the sequel just to see these cute and funny yellow capsule-shaped minions. Well it's a pretty good movie but I have to admit that the challenge of the first film was more interesting. You know, where Gru is torn between improving his villainous career and his growing affection for his adopted girls.

         But hey, if you just need to sit back, relax and laugh you wouldn't need a plot that would boggle your mind. We all should enjoy simple things the way minions do! Hehe.

         Click on the minions above to download a wallpaper from ^_^

Monday, July 1, 2013

BuhayBohemio Shirt:
My Rizal Shirt

      I know that this shirt is too early for Rizal Day hehe.

      To my non Pinoy readers, Dr. Jose Rizal is one of our national heroes. He was the most prominent advocate for reform in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era. He's my favorite national hero because he was an artist too, and a writer. Well he was actually a polymath and that's quite admirable.

      This design is actually taken from a real postal stamp from the 70's that my aunt had kept years ago before migrated to the States. She left behind a collection of interesting stamps here. Maybe I'll show them to you one of these days.

        My Rizal shirt is available in 4 colors. If you are a proud Pinoy, get yourself one of these.  See my other shirt designs in my Pinterest. ^_^

BuhayBohemio Shirts:
My Ganja Farm Shirt

         So here's another design that's also associated with the rasta/reggae culture. I wanted it to look like a vintage brand label - like of Jack Daniel's Whiskey. I found this Art Nouveau border frame on the web and thought that it's perfect for the concept. It looks like smoke hehe.

       I've never tried smoking marijuana though I've unknowingly eaten brownies with marijuana. I thought it only has  some herbaceous  flavor like pandan or something. They were just two very small pieces of brownies so I really didn't feel any known effects. =P

         Anyway, my Ganja Farm shirt is available in 4 colors. If  you want one just send me a message. See my other shirt designs in my Pinterest. ^_^

BuhayBohemio Shirts:
My RRR Shirt

       It's July already and in compliance to my one-shirt-per-month project for 2013, here's one of the three shirts I made for the second quarter.

        This is my RRR (Resist, Rebel, Reclaim) Shirt. My dreadlock artist friend has been requesting for new rasta-themed shirts that he could sell in reggae events. He has ordered a lot of my Zion 1930 prints already and I think that a new rasta/reggae shirt will be beneficial for both of us hehe. So I came up with this design, which can be used for single and 3-color prints.

        This design is available in 4 shirt colors. Check out other design in my Pinterest. ^_^