Saturday, August 24, 2013

         I woke up really early today, like 5 AM. Well because I slept really early last night ( I was feeling hypertensive ). Anyway, I'm glad to have woken up today to this kind of weather - with sunshine and blue skies. This is something that was not seen here for 6 days!

         Well  typhoon Maring has gone. Floodwaters are receding, damages are being repaired,  and the country that experiences around 20 storms a year moves on...

         I think I'm gonna continue painting my room today.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Room Gets a Makeover

       Our new house in Avida was finally rented to a new Korean-Filipino family. So I guess my parents and I are really stuck in this old and unkempt house in Alabang for the next couple of years or even more. 

         Accepting this fact, I decided to use my creative abilities to do something about the spaces that I dwell in (ones that I have some control of). The styleless-ness of which I have been trying to ignore for the longest time is actually getting in my nerves already. So I'm gonna bohemify these spaces - that is, to beautify without spending a lot.

Does this look like a room of a bohemian? Well it will soon be!

From a worn out yellow to an uneven concrete color.

        The entire second floor is practically mine. It has 2 rooms and a large balcony. I already started re-painting my bedroom, which was  my brother's room before he moved out and got married. My former room is now my big closet. I kept all my small decors there in a box for the meantime.

        I have these colors in mind for my room. I trust that I can pull these 7 colors off together. 

       Now this project will certainly take long to complete. There is a lot to do to transform this room and make it boho-worthy. I know I will have to put this project aside form time to time, to give way for work and other things. Aah! It's like I don't have enough things to do already!

        I sure hope to continue with the painting this weekend.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Checkin' Out The Ayala Museum

       Yesterday, after delivering some shirts to Makati in the noontime, I decided to go to Greenbelt and see the Ayala Museum. I really enjoyed looking at the artful stuff they got in there. A lot of inspiring and intriguing pieces. I really wish I could share  photos of favorite works  but taking pictures is not allowed in the museum. So I'll just tell you guys of what you will find in there with the help of these thumbnail pics I grabbed from their website =P

Yayoi Kusama is one of the featured artists and this show is her first in Manila which runs until September 1, 2013. You'll find most of her art at the ground floor.

      Textured and colorful paintings by National Artist H. R. Ocampo, made in from 1930 to 1974, are exhibited on the 2nd floor. Exhibit runs until November 17, 2013.

      And of course modernist paintings by Fernando Zobel de Ayala y Montojo are exhibited in the same gallery on the 2nd floor. I think it's a permanent exhibit in the museum.

         On the 3rd floor if a gallery of  60 dioramas depicting Philippine history from pre-colonial times up to the Third Republic. A walk through the gallery is 3-dimensional story of our country's journey to freedom.

     Within the gallery of dioramas is this display of these nicely made models of 18th Century ships. Also a permanent feature.

 On the 4th floor is a large collection of charming antique ceramics from China and Southeast Asia.

     I love the special gallery that exhibited a large collection of gold adornments from pre-colonial times. They make you imagine a  people from a kingdom, in a land before it was named Philippines.

     A small gallery on the 4th floor shows a few set of garments worn by Filipino men and women during early colonial times. I like the striped shirts the nicely embroidered handkerchiefs.

      If you haven't been to the Ayala Museum, do make time to check it out. To see the galleries on all 4 floors of the museum is Php 225 if your are a resident of the Philippines. There's a discount for students and senior citizens. They're open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 AM to 6 PM. You can actually pay only for the exhibits that you want to see, like if you're only into contemporary art.

     So I guess I'll be coming back when a new exhibit opens. ^_^

Monday, August 5, 2013

      Recently I saw how my blog looks like through my friends iPhone. I sooo hate the font! It's a script type and it doesn't have a handwritten feel. It looks even horrible in all-caps. Apple users might think I have a bad taste for fonts.  =/

     We thought that it's an operating system thing. So we checked how my blog looks on his iPad and I saw that some of the web fonts I used in Blogger showed up. He also checked how the fonts look like on different mobile web browsers and then we came to a conclusion that it's really a browser thing.

       I've heard about google's @font-face and maybe it will solve the problem. I just hope can  I figure out how to apply it in my blog, if I ever find the time to experiment on html codes again.

       Another thing I hate is that in mobile browsers, my blog's background is not fixed. It made my blog look like one super loooong notebook! LOL

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My First Outsourced
Shirt Printing Job

       These are 150 pieces of shirts I outsourced from a screenprinter recommended to me by one of my suppliers of blank shirts. I picked them up yesterday in Manila and will soon deliver them to an office in Makati.

      I'm not showing you the design because I didn't design it hehe. They are giveaways for two affiliated companies in Saipan. I got this project from Mabes - sister of my sister in law. She runs a little business of providing corporate giveaways and party souvenirs which she outsource from different suppliers.

      I actually shun designing or producing promotional stuff. They are not artistic opportunities. But they sure are income opportunities. Thinking that July would be a slack month, I accepted the project and originally plan to print them myself because the initial design was just a logo on white shirts - like 25 to 50 pieces. Sounds easy.

       But eventually the order became a total of 150 shirts. Two designs, both 2-color prints on the front and back. Yikes! This is gonna be real tedious! Now I can't imagine printing them myself. But I certainly didn't want to leave Mabes hanging on this project.  Almost all screen-printers out there would not accept orders of less than 100 shirts of 1 design. That really got me really anxious.

       Fortunately I found someone to do this and so now here are the shirts, nicely done and right on schedule. I got the same profit as I would if I printed them myself - minus the back-ache hehe. It's all just legwork for me.

        Well I hope another order comes - of a quantity that's enough to outsource. ^_^

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Portraits Done in July

         Another month has passed by so quickly. I thought July would be a slack month but it instead left me with projects that are on going and on queue. There are tank-tops to print, a brochure to finalize, and a portrait to work on. Yeah I'm busy and that is good, right?

         Anyway here are portraits I made this month:

        This is a gift of my client to her fiend, mommy Audrey. She ordered just a digital file. The 1100 x 14000 pixel image is only Php 300. With a digital file recipient has the option  to have it printed in the nearest photo center and have it framed; or she could just share it on Facebook hehe.

      This is the original photo. Spot the difference hehe.  It is only about 800 x 500 pixels but still workable. Would have been better if the photo didn't use flash. It's kinda frustrating that the gift giver of course can only choose from what is posted in her friend's Facebook.

       This is also a gift of one of my best clients to a friend or a relative maybe. She had it printed on a size 12" x 15" canvas, unstretched, and sent it to the States. A canvas print of this size is only Php 1,300. Unstretched canvas prints are best if you need to send or bring it abroad.

      The original photo is perfect - large file size, natural lighting, beautiful background. I didn't need to change anything but to apply the brush strokes.

      This is a wedding gift ( yeah they are all gifts ) of another client to her friend Jenny who just got married last Friday. This was printed on canvas and stretched to a finish size of 12" x 15".  A stretched canvas print of this size is only Php 2,000.

     The original photo was from their prenup shots that my client grabbed from Jenny's Facebook ( where else? hehe ). I made a few changes. In the source photo they're sitting on just grass and the balloons are in one color.

      If you want some portraits done just contact me. ^_^

See more portraits at