Saturday, August 3, 2013

My First Outsourced
Shirt Printing Job

       These are 150 pieces of shirts I outsourced from a screenprinter recommended to me by one of my suppliers of blank shirts. I picked them up yesterday in Manila and will soon deliver them to an office in Makati.

      I'm not showing you the design because I didn't design it hehe. They are giveaways for two affiliated companies in Saipan. I got this project from Mabes - sister of my sister in law. She runs a little business of providing corporate giveaways and party souvenirs which she outsource from different suppliers.

      I actually shun designing or producing promotional stuff. They are not artistic opportunities. But they sure are income opportunities. Thinking that July would be a slack month, I accepted the project and originally plan to print them myself because the initial design was just a logo on white shirts - like 25 to 50 pieces. Sounds easy.

       But eventually the order became a total of 150 shirts. Two designs, both 2-color prints on the front and back. Yikes! This is gonna be real tedious! Now I can't imagine printing them myself. But I certainly didn't want to leave Mabes hanging on this project.  Almost all screen-printers out there would not accept orders of less than 100 shirts of 1 design. That really got me really anxious.

       Fortunately I found someone to do this and so now here are the shirts, nicely done and right on schedule. I got the same profit as I would if I printed them myself - minus the back-ache hehe. It's all just legwork for me.

        Well I hope another order comes - of a quantity that's enough to outsource. ^_^

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