Thursday, August 1, 2013

Portraits Done in July

         Another month has passed by so quickly. I thought July would be a slack month but it instead left me with projects that are on going and on queue. There are tank-tops to print, a brochure to finalize, and a portrait to work on. Yeah I'm busy and that is good, right?

         Anyway here are portraits I made this month:

        This is a gift of my client to her fiend, mommy Audrey. She ordered just a digital file. The 1100 x 14000 pixel image is only Php 300. With a digital file recipient has the option  to have it printed in the nearest photo center and have it framed; or she could just share it on Facebook hehe.

      This is the original photo. Spot the difference hehe.  It is only about 800 x 500 pixels but still workable. Would have been better if the photo didn't use flash. It's kinda frustrating that the gift giver of course can only choose from what is posted in her friend's Facebook.

       This is also a gift of one of my best clients to a friend or a relative maybe. She had it printed on a size 12" x 15" canvas, unstretched, and sent it to the States. A canvas print of this size is only Php 1,300. Unstretched canvas prints are best if you need to send or bring it abroad.

      The original photo is perfect - large file size, natural lighting, beautiful background. I didn't need to change anything but to apply the brush strokes.

      This is a wedding gift ( yeah they are all gifts ) of another client to her friend Jenny who just got married last Friday. This was printed on canvas and stretched to a finish size of 12" x 15".  A stretched canvas print of this size is only Php 2,000.

     The original photo was from their prenup shots that my client grabbed from Jenny's Facebook ( where else? hehe ). I made a few changes. In the source photo they're sitting on just grass and the balloons are in one color.

      If you want some portraits done just contact me. ^_^

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