Monday, August 5, 2013

      Recently I saw how my blog looks like through my friends iPhone. I sooo hate the font! It's a script type and it doesn't have a handwritten feel. It looks even horrible in all-caps. Apple users might think I have a bad taste for fonts.  =/

     We thought that it's an operating system thing. So we checked how my blog looks on his iPad and I saw that some of the web fonts I used in Blogger showed up. He also checked how the fonts look like on different mobile web browsers and then we came to a conclusion that it's really a browser thing.

       I've heard about google's @font-face and maybe it will solve the problem. I just hope can  I figure out how to apply it in my blog, if I ever find the time to experiment on html codes again.

       Another thing I hate is that in mobile browsers, my blog's background is not fixed. It made my blog look like one super loooong notebook! LOL

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