Sunday, September 22, 2013

About 199Jobs.Com

      To my Pinoy readers, have you heard of this website? It's relatively new and I made these shirts for the administrators. My business partner on BloggerShirts, Fitz, is one of them and he's gonna wear this to promote the website on an event this weekend.

      199Jobs.Com is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell services starting at Php199. I already signed up there but I haven't thought of any service that I can offer for that price just yet hehe. But maybe you do. Sign up now! Maybe there's a simple job that you want to outsource. There are over a thousand services offered there already.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

           Here are two digital portraits I've had printed last week. Again from one of my best clients (the lady wearing the gold lace dress in the portrait below). These portraits took a while to finalize. I started working on it in the first week of August. Yeah, the portraits went through a series of revisions, like background changes, removing this, reducing that, replacing a face with one from another photo, etc.,  and my client was quite patient about waiting for the desired outcome. Of course I'd like my clients  to be happy with my work and I tell them they can make as many revisions as they like on the soft copy.

       They are printed on canvas to a specific size, around 20" x 24", to fit  antique frames. She got a nice oval frame for the solo portrait of her mom.

        So if you want quality painting-like portraits that are made real affordable, contact me! ^_^

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Room Makeover:
Mural Project

        Like it? It was only completed yesterday and I'm being OC about it. I find myself retouching it from time to time. The artwork was inspired by the statue of Jupiter in Versailles. I used Photoshop to make this street-art kind of effect.

        This was the wall before  I started painting on it. You probably didn't notice there was a closet door hehe. The yellow wood partition is flushed with the concrete wall which I painted gray.

     I painted a base of Raw Sienna then started with the Burnt Umber shadows using a small brush.

            Then come the highlights.

        After the second coat I realized that the image is too pristine and high in contrast. 

          A wash of diluted Raw Sienna did the trick, giving it an aged look and softened the image a bit.

        It's been a while since I made an artwork by hand. I actually had fun doing this. I don't think I would paint murals for anyone though. But I can produce murals with today's printing technology. The image can be printed on large sheets of stickers and be installed like wallpaper. Contact me if you want a mural on your wall. ^_^

         So what's next for my room? Box shelves.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

        I discovered this really nice quote about art. Reality could be unpretty sometimes... maybe even most of the time. That's why we beautify things - with colors and shapes, textures and tastes, sounds and movements. Thank goodness for art! Life would just be existence and survival without it.

        Art is my inspiration also. Works by other artists inspire me to create. Sometimes I look at nature for inspiration. After all nature is the work of God, the Divine Artist.

        If you are wondering who Daniel Robert Lynch is, he was an art student who worked part time as Guest Representative at Hotel Triton in SF. In the hotel is a sketchbook for visiting artist and guests to write or draw about their inspiration or interest. There Daniel wrote the quote above with a sketch of King Triton.

      Life is short and that is a sad reality. Daniel wasn't able to live his dream because of a tragic incident. He was 24. A scholarship program was created after his name, aimed to help young artist pursue their education and dream in the arts. Read all about it at

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shopping for Curtains
- The Bohemian Way

       If you're shopping for curtains and budget is not a problem you would probably head for the nearest mall and buy those fancy curtains that could cost Php 400 to Php700  per panel. 

          And if you want to save a bit you'll go to a mall in Divisoria and find nice curtains priced at Php 250 to Php 300 per panel.

        But if you're bohemian, you're dead serious about finding opulent-looking curtains at a cheap price. So you really don't mind scouting the crowded streets of Divisoria on a hot afternoon.

       That's exactly what I did a few days ago along Ylaya Street. That's between Juan Luna and Tabora streets. There you will find a relatively large array of styles. Some designs you will not find in 168 Mall or any mall in the area. You can get really nice curtains for as low as Php 150 per panel.

       Browse through the curtains hanging by the street and look at the interesting patterns and textures. You can get a 3-piece set ( 1 sheer, 2 opaque ) for Php 500.

        Even if your budget is low you can still get fabulous curtains to compliment the style of your room. All you need is good taste and, well, tolerance for little defects like on these nice curtains sold at bargain prices.

         If you are not happy with the ready-made curtains along Ylaya Street, look at the raw fabrics. There are shops there that can make curtains for you. These drapery fabrics with bohemian prints cost only Php 45 per yard!

          I'm quite pleased with the curtains I bought. The trip to Divisoria was worth it. I'll show them to you when I'm done with my room's makeover. ^_^

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fixing a Closet Problem

        I'm quite fortunate to have an extra room where I could keep all my clothes and store other stuff in and that really saves my bedroom from a lot of clutter. If you have been following my blog you know that my walk-in closet was my former bedroom. I remember when I used to sleep there and my clothes accumulated over the years. They were so many that some are stacked or hung outside the built-in cabinets.

       You know those clothes hanger rack that you buy in home improvement stores? Made of tubes that you assemble? I had two of those. We tend to maximize the rack and just hang as many clothes as we could, including the heavy ones like jeans, jackets and coats. Then after a few  years the joints break and the rack collapses hehe.

       My clothes were on piles for weeks and I finally got to do something about it ( at least temporarily ). I didn't want to buy new racks or spend for customized ones because I'm saving for my room makeover ^_^. So I just bought some rope and some hooks, and recycled the pipes from the old rack. I suspended them from the ceiling hehe. Amazing how strong the hooks are. Of course I made sure they are screwed underneath the wood runners.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My First Digital Seascape Painting

      Yup this is my very first non-portrait digital painting commissioned to me by one of my best clients. It is also my second large print. The artwork is 48" x 36" printed on canvas. Click on the photo above for a closer look.

        This is the source pic. That's a part of Manila Bay taken with a smart phone. She wanted to hang a framed artwork in a hall in her home and I am quite grateful that she chose to have a digital painting. She could easily just shop for a real painting done by another obscure artist. But I guess she prefers the advantage of digital paintings - imagine having an artwork that was drawn from a photo you took, of a place you've been to and had a great time, done quick and affordable!

      Now this is the machine that produced the large print. I wish I have one of my own! What an advantage that would be.

       A close up of the digital painting. The advantage of large prints is that the brush strokes can be made large enough to be appreciated. I used a 3D effect on this artwork, giving it an illusion of rich texture.

       Sooo! Do you want to have customized artwork hanging on your wall done really quick, in good quality and taste? Send me a message.  ^_^

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Try To Remember a Kind of September

       How fast a month passes by! You will certainly wouldn't feel this way about August if you have not been busy. Well since it's already September, let me share to you this song from the 60's. I've first heard of this song through the version of The Brothers Four but here's Julie Andrews with her sweet voice to help you remember that kind of September when life was slow and oh so mellow. =)

        And if you could actually remember, how do you follow? Especially if you're Pinoy. Here in the Philippines, when September comes we think about December and start counting the days before Christmas. You'll find that stores are already bringing out holiday decorations for sale and the sight of it  will either make you excited or anxious - or even both.

        Since I've became self-employed my holidays have been decked with deadlines.  This is gonna be the third Yuletide for Buhay Bohemio and it looks like I'll be working through the holidays again. I'm getting used to it. After all, it really isn't a bad thing - work is a blessing!  But I do admit that I miss spending the last few weeks of the year just relaxing and celebrating with friends and family.

       Actually, from where this song came from, September marks the end of Summer. It is a month where people usually mellow down from the fun and exhausting activities of  the season. I guess this song invites us to remember those relaxed moments which inspires us to look forward to the opportunity to experience it again.

         As for me, I'll try to remember that kind of September where the grass becomes greener and 500-peso bills are yellow. Hehehe! I will be needing the money for my room make-over! ^_^