Friday, September 6, 2013

Fixing a Closet Problem

        I'm quite fortunate to have an extra room where I could keep all my clothes and store other stuff in and that really saves my bedroom from a lot of clutter. If you have been following my blog you know that my walk-in closet was my former bedroom. I remember when I used to sleep there and my clothes accumulated over the years. They were so many that some are stacked or hung outside the built-in cabinets.

       You know those clothes hanger rack that you buy in home improvement stores? Made of tubes that you assemble? I had two of those. We tend to maximize the rack and just hang as many clothes as we could, including the heavy ones like jeans, jackets and coats. Then after a few  years the joints break and the rack collapses hehe.

       My clothes were on piles for weeks and I finally got to do something about it ( at least temporarily ). I didn't want to buy new racks or spend for customized ones because I'm saving for my room makeover ^_^. So I just bought some rope and some hooks, and recycled the pipes from the old rack. I suspended them from the ceiling hehe. Amazing how strong the hooks are. Of course I made sure they are screwed underneath the wood runners.

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