Saturday, September 21, 2013

           Here are two digital portraits I've had printed last week. Again from one of my best clients (the lady wearing the gold lace dress in the portrait below). These portraits took a while to finalize. I started working on it in the first week of August. Yeah, the portraits went through a series of revisions, like background changes, removing this, reducing that, replacing a face with one from another photo, etc.,  and my client was quite patient about waiting for the desired outcome. Of course I'd like my clients  to be happy with my work and I tell them they can make as many revisions as they like on the soft copy.

       They are printed on canvas to a specific size, around 20" x 24", to fit  antique frames. She got a nice oval frame for the solo portrait of her mom.

        So if you want quality painting-like portraits that are made real affordable, contact me! ^_^

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