Wednesday, September 11, 2013

        I discovered this really nice quote about art. Reality could be unpretty sometimes... maybe even most of the time. That's why we beautify things - with colors and shapes, textures and tastes, sounds and movements. Thank goodness for art! Life would just be existence and survival without it.

        Art is my inspiration also. Works by other artists inspire me to create. Sometimes I look at nature for inspiration. After all nature is the work of God, the Divine Artist.

        If you are wondering who Daniel Robert Lynch is, he was an art student who worked part time as Guest Representative at Hotel Triton in SF. In the hotel is a sketchbook for visiting artist and guests to write or draw about their inspiration or interest. There Daniel wrote the quote above with a sketch of King Triton.

      Life is short and that is a sad reality. Daniel wasn't able to live his dream because of a tragic incident. He was 24. A scholarship program was created after his name, aimed to help young artist pursue their education and dream in the arts. Read all about it at

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