Thursday, September 5, 2013

My First Digital Seascape Painting

      Yup this is my very first non-portrait digital painting commissioned to me by one of my best clients. It is also my second large print. The artwork is 48" x 36" printed on canvas. Click on the photo above for a closer look.

        This is the source pic. That's a part of Manila Bay taken with a smart phone. She wanted to hang a framed artwork in a hall in her home and I am quite grateful that she chose to have a digital painting. She could easily just shop for a real painting done by another obscure artist. But I guess she prefers the advantage of digital paintings - imagine having an artwork that was drawn from a photo you took, of a place you've been to and had a great time, done quick and affordable!

      Now this is the machine that produced the large print. I wish I have one of my own! What an advantage that would be.

       A close up of the digital painting. The advantage of large prints is that the brush strokes can be made large enough to be appreciated. I used a 3D effect on this artwork, giving it an illusion of rich texture.

       Sooo! Do you want to have customized artwork hanging on your wall done really quick, in good quality and taste? Send me a message.  ^_^

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