Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Départ pour le Sabbat by Albert Joseph Pénot (1910)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Room Makeover:
Painting the Floor

      It would be nice if I can have my bedroom floor tiled. I saw really nice vinyl tiles that convincingly look like wood planks. I estimate that it could cost me around Php 5,000 and that's way way over my bohemian budget hehe. Maybe next time.

       My floors has a  finish using terracotta colored cement. "Pulang simento" as we call it here. Not so smoothly done but at least it can be painted over without much scuff sanding . I bought this paint, Bronco, which is specially made for floors. I got it from Wilcon Builders here in Alabang.

    Yup, black. They make light or brightly colored furniture stand out. In fact black floors seem to make them float hehe. 

     I'll give the paint a couple of days to cure. Once I have moved the bed and the other furniture back in, I could finally decorate! But until then it's the couch that I'll be sleeping on. :P

Saturday, October 26, 2013

      It's nice to know that members of Pinoy Bloggers Outreach are holding another charitable event today and I've printed 50 shirts for them yesterday. Their previous orders early this year  were white shirts and this time they wanted another color - five colors to be exact hehe. I have to admit that varied colors does look good on an event shirt.

     Actually, I only had 2 days to print these shirts. I always require a lead time of at least 1 week for bulk orders. Depending on the quantity of course. That includes the time to make the silkscreen stencil, the purchasing of blank shirts, and most importantly, the allowance for contingency. 

     It's a long story but I ended up accepting this project and it was really physically straining.  In a day I had the film negative reprinted, burned the screen, purchased inks and bought the shirts minutes before the shop closed for the day because of last minute changes on color allocation per shirt size. 

     After packing the last printed shirt I took a shower, quickly got dressed and took a bus to deliver the shirts to Mandaluyong City yesterday evening.

     Really, I never thought I could print this many shirts in such a short period of time. So I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back... my aching back. ^_^

Monday, October 21, 2013

How to be Creative
by Off Book, PBS Digital Studios

      My friend Fitz has a habit of watching informative videos and he shared this one on Facebook. Since it's about creativity, it naturally got my attention. 

     Looking at the title, I imagine being asked the question of how to be creative. Now I've been creative all my life but it took minutes for me to gather my thoughts and come up with an answer - and that answer only raised more questions in my head hehe.

     "To create" is not simply just "to make". To know how to be creative we must first understand creativity which is actually a process. In this video you will find an insightful explanation of the nature of this process.

       Enjoy! ^_^

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Room Makeover:
Installing Shelves

    How do you like my shelves? Actually, I hoped for box shelves or floating shelves for a contemporary look. But those that you find in home improvement stores are quite pricey hehe. I would at least spend P3,000 for three 1-meter bracket-less shelves. I also thought of making the shelves myself but I don't want to use plywood and I couldn't find flat and wide wood in nearby stores. Besides, I'm a bad carpenter hehe. I'm not sure if I can saw in a straight line.

            Good thing I found these shelf kits at True Value in Alabang Town Center. I never thought you can actually find something cheap in there hehe. These 0.45 x 0.14 meter shelves is only Php 295 each. I got six of them. So a total of Php 1,770. There's also a 0.60 x 0.20 meter shelf kit for Php 350 and a 0.90 x 0.20 meter shelf for Php 450. I think they are made of pine wood because it's a bit heavier and harder that the local palochina wood. It is already sanded and ready for whatever finish you like. I applied a white-wash finish on mine. Well they look less contemporary but the rather rustic look of these shelves is more bohemian and suits my room just fine.

         Of course I installed the shelves myself, which was fun and frugal hehe. Luckily by brother has a power drill that I can borrow.

     So now that my shelves are on my wall I'm really itching to put my knick-knacks on them, which I have been keeping in a big box since I moved into this room. But I still have to do something about my floor. Hmmm...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Art Watching at Manila Art 2013

     This is my 2nd visit to Manila Art, an art fair that happens yearly since 2010. This year was held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Premiere, Bonifacio Global City, from October 9 to 13. I was there last Saturday and I'm glad to have bumped in with my cousin Camille and my auntie Ethel. They are both artists and that's one of Camille's paintings behind us. 

    It's so nice to again be in one place with so many artworks to inspire an artist of the likes of me, you know - frustrated hehe. Anyway, here are some favorites I found at the art fair. Click on the picture for a closer look.

    See more than 80 photos in my Picasa Album. ^_^

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BuhayBohemio Shirts:
CMYK Buddha

      Not really an original. I've seen this style on a t-shirt design book (which I regret not buying), only I don't recall who's face was on that shirt. But I thought using a Buddha bust would look cool. 

      Making this first samples was fun. It uses only a single screen and the different colors are placed freely, that is, without attaching the screen to the press. So for this design, no two shirts will be exactly alike. However this method only works on light colored shirts since dark shirts would need at least 2 coats of ink. That means the screen really has to be secured to a press to apply the second coat with precision.

      Well I could make this design available on a colored shirt, but with just a single Buddha print. Maybe purple print on a pink shirt? We'll see...

      Contact me if you want a shirt like this. ^_^

BuhayBohemio Shirts:
The Motorcycle Diaries

        I think it was sometime between 2000 and 2005 when the Che Guevara trend in fashion reached the Philippines. Yeah I was one of those who sported the red shirt with a black print of a high contrast image of Che. But mind you, I'm not the kind who wears a shirt simply because it is popular. I pretty much know about the man, the Argentine Marxist revolutionary from the 60's who today remains a revered and reviled figure in history.

      As a rider, one of the things I find interesting about Che's life is his 9-month 8,000 km motorcycle journey through most of South America in 1951. He was a medical student at that time and it was because of this journey, where he witnessed great poverty and the injustices of US domination in the hemisphere, that he decided to turn his back on medicine and consider the political arena of armed struggle.

      I used bleach to create an effect on the red shirt I'm wearing. But I realize the local brand of bleach  is not powerful enough to turn some areas almost white hehe. This shirt, by the way, is available in 4 colors.

      Contact me to order! ^_^

New BuhayBohemio Shirts:
A Couple of Jersey Tees

      So here are 2 of 4 new designs of BuhayBohemio shirts for the 3rd quarter of 2013. Yeah late again. But I think I'll be making the last 3 shirt designs for this year before the end of October. By then my brand will already have more than 20 designs and I've been contemplating on producing printed stocks for the coming Season of Spending hehe.

       Anyway, here's the Ethiopia jersey  -  you've seen the print on the tank tops posted earlier.

          This shirt of course is for the reggae fans and supporters of the Rastafari movement. Rastafarians believe that Ethiopia is the promise land, the New Jerusalem, the future capital city of Zion. 

        And here's the Jamaica jersey. You're probably wondering why both shirts have the same number. Well it's because both share the same stencil hehe. Yeah I know it would be nice if they have different numbers.

     I though of using the number 89 and rotating the screen will give me 86. But doing so will cause some difficulty during printing registration.

        Well the Jamaica shirt is really just the byproduct of the screen that makes the Ethiopia shirt. At least I was able to produce 2 designs with just one screen hehe.  So why 25? Well the number simply has a nice symmetrical form. 

      Jamaica, by the way, is the birthplace of the Rastafari movement way back in the 1930s. Also it is the home of the reggae legend Bob Marley.

        If you want these shirts contact me! ^_^

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Bohemian Diet:
The Original Pares Mami House

         Beef Pares is a popular Pinoy dish. It's a stew made with beef cutlets cooked in sweet soy sauce and anise. "Pares" means "pair" in Tagalog and this viand is paired with a bowl of soup and served with rice. 

          Road trippin' with peers late at night brought us to a 24-hour roadside eatery known for their beef pares. In Quezon City, at the corner of Retiro and Alejos streets is The Original Pares Mami House.

         It is said that this is where the recipe originated. By the taste of their pares I rather believe it is true. This is so far the best that I've tried. Even the soup is tasty. No wonder why people would wait outside for their turn to sit and eat, even at 2:00 in the morning.

       A pares meal here is only Php 75. That less for a delicious and generous serving. Because of that I'm giving The Original Pares Mami House a bohemian badge. ^_^

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

       I did this over the weekend. A total of 34 garments that include jersey tank tops, t-shirts and a hooded jacket. These are re-orders by Avhel, my dreadlock artist, and he will be bringing them to Palawan and sell them in a beach resort there. I'm pretty sure with his followers there down South he could sell these out quite easily hehe.

        Most of these tops have more than one color print.  So making them all is like printing 80 single-print shirts. Yeah it was a tiring weekend for me.

      By the way, the photo above gives you a glimpse of one of the new designs of BuhayBohemio Shirts. Watch out for the rest! ^_^