Monday, October 21, 2013

How to be Creative
by Off Book, PBS Digital Studios

      My friend Fitz has a habit of watching informative videos and he shared this one on Facebook. Since it's about creativity, it naturally got my attention. 

     Looking at the title, I imagine being asked the question of how to be creative. Now I've been creative all my life but it took minutes for me to gather my thoughts and come up with an answer - and that answer only raised more questions in my head hehe.

     "To create" is not simply just "to make". To know how to be creative we must first understand creativity which is actually a process. In this video you will find an insightful explanation of the nature of this process.

       Enjoy! ^_^


  1. Am glad you liked the video. Visit - it's a great place to read about productivity and creativity. Better than following those Facebook viral stories and videos.

  2. Thanks, Fitz. Will check that out!