Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Room Makeover:
Painting the Floor

      It would be nice if I can have my bedroom floor tiled. I saw really nice vinyl tiles that convincingly look like wood planks. I estimate that it could cost me around Php 5,000 and that's way way over my bohemian budget hehe. Maybe next time.

       My floors has a  finish using terracotta colored cement. "Pulang simento" as we call it here. Not so smoothly done but at least it can be painted over without much scuff sanding . I bought this paint, Bronco, which is specially made for floors. I got it from Wilcon Builders here in Alabang.

    Yup, black. They make light or brightly colored furniture stand out. In fact black floors seem to make them float hehe. 

     I'll give the paint a couple of days to cure. Once I have moved the bed and the other furniture back in, I could finally decorate! But until then it's the couch that I'll be sleeping on. :P

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