Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New BuhayBohemio Shirts:
A Couple of Jersey Tees

      So here are 2 of 4 new designs of BuhayBohemio shirts for the 3rd quarter of 2013. Yeah late again. But I think I'll be making the last 3 shirt designs for this year before the end of October. By then my brand will already have more than 20 designs and I've been contemplating on producing printed stocks for the coming Season of Spending hehe.

       Anyway, here's the Ethiopia jersey  -  you've seen the print on the tank tops posted earlier.

          This shirt of course is for the reggae fans and supporters of the Rastafari movement. Rastafarians believe that Ethiopia is the promise land, the New Jerusalem, the future capital city of Zion. 

        And here's the Jamaica jersey. You're probably wondering why both shirts have the same number. Well it's because both share the same stencil hehe. Yeah I know it would be nice if they have different numbers.

     I though of using the number 89 and rotating the screen will give me 86. But doing so will cause some difficulty during printing registration.

        Well the Jamaica shirt is really just the byproduct of the screen that makes the Ethiopia shirt. At least I was able to produce 2 designs with just one screen hehe.  So why 25? Well the number simply has a nice symmetrical form. 

      Jamaica, by the way, is the birthplace of the Rastafari movement way back in the 1930s. Also it is the home of the reggae legend Bob Marley.

        If you want these shirts contact me! ^_^

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