Wednesday, November 13, 2013

     It has been 5 days since the typhoon Haiyan, a typhoon of record-breaking strength, left the Philippines in a very heart-breaking situation. A kind that was never seen here before. The Visayas region was still rebuilding itself after the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that happened about a month ago. Now the same region suffers with even more rubble and debris, and the loss of lives that can never be replaced.

       But aside from having the resilience that we Filipinos are known for, we also have faith that help will always come to us. A cloud of solidarity is now hovering across the country. Concerned Filipinos are doing what they can to reach out to their "kababayans".

      There are many ways where you can help and yes, we need all the help we can get, and no amount is ever too small. Click on the poster above to get to, a website where you will find information about the affected areas and also about the the relief operation centers by government and private organizations nearest you.

      Alright people, let's get this going! Donate, volunteer and spread the word on how others can help! God bless the Philippines!!!

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