Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

      Thanks to this song I will always remember how many minutes there are in a year - a non leap year to be precise hehe. This video I'm sharing, a song form the 2005 film adaptation of the Broadway musical Rent, is just perfect for today's occasion. Because naturally, a few hours before we look up to see the fireworks, blow horns or sip champagne, we tend to reflect about the passing year.

      So was it a good one, bad or so-so? How do you measure? Well I certainly hope that it's not by how much was gained and how less was lost, such as money and all the things that it can buy.

     "How about love?" asked the singers in this video. Inviting us to measure a year not just by how much of it we receive but, more importantly, how much of it we give. So how much love have you given to your family and friends, your work, your team, your talent, your nation,  your ecosystem, your body, your spirit, your Creator?

     Well I hope you had a year that is full of love. And in this last blog post of the year, I wish that love will always be present in each of the 525,600 minutes of 2014. Happy New Year fellas!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Shirt Printing Project of 2013

     I've completed these yesterday morning. Uniform t-shirts, 16 pieces with a 2-color logo at the front, department and company name at the back with an employee's name on each shirt. Commissioned by a neighbor, a young guy renting an apartment in front of our house with 2 or 3 of his office mates. Obviously they saw all the shirts that I've been making in the garage and so they asked me to make shirts for their team. They probably couldn't find a shirt printer that will accept less than a hundred shirts in the middle of December where most are all booked up with orders.

      Really, I avoid making these kind of shirts. I mean, making them myself. So tedious and less artful. But I ended up making this, because I felt that I shouldn't turn down this blessing that literately came knocking on our gate despite me not marketing my services that much. It's just 16 pieces anyway, it didn't look so hard.

        I'm glad I accepted this project anyway. Aside from the profit, I gained some knowledge from the experience. Maybe someday I could figure out how to set my press for printing different names on the sleeves.

       Well now that this project is over, I'm looking forward to a stress-free New Year celebration! ^_^

Today is Rizal Day

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Marvelous Medieval Music

       I was listening to the radio while printing shirts this afternoon 'til evening. I was tuned in at 98.7 DZFE, a classical station, and they were playing medieval music. 

      One piece really caught my fancy. I loved it so much that I waited for the host of the program to mention the title so I can take note and look it up on the web. It was Ghaetta (An Instampa) which is a 14th Century Italian composition, performed by the Belgian medieval ensemble Millenarium. I'm soo glad that their album Danses Medievales is on Spotify. 

     It has been a while since I've shared music here. Well here are 30 beautiful tracks. If you dig medieval music, this will magically transport you to old Europe. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

      It's Christmas Day! Nice and sunny - perfect for my new brown sunglasses that I got as a gift from my brother and his wife. It's what I requested for when they asked me what I wanted for Christmas hehe. Thanks Mark & Erl!

     You know there's something magical about brown lenses. Aside from making you look good (LOL), they seem to make the surroundings look good too. The harsh noontime sunlight becomes golden like it's already 5 PM - my favorite time of the day when everything you see is tinted in amber, as if I'm inside an old photograph from the 70's. It actually gives me a good feeling.

        I think everybody should have a pair of brown sunglasses.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
Have some cookies...

Friday, December 13, 2013

New BuhayBohemio Shirts!

      So here are the shirt designs for the last quarter of 2013. They were already available last month but I failed to post about them. Been busy as usual. Couldn't even find the time to model them hehe. Actually I'm one shirt short and it looks like I won't be able to produce the last design before the year's end. 

      This is my 420 t-shirt. Pronounced as four-twenty, the number is a code-term for the consumption of cannabis, also for the cannabis subculture, or simply cannabis itself. In North America, April 20 (4/20) has become a counterculture holiday where they gather to celebrate and smoke pot.  Some events are for the advocacy for the legalization of cannabis. 

      My friend Avhel of PinoyDreadman was first to sell these shirts last month. He requested for a new design when he ordered a bunch of Rasta-Reggae themed shirts from me. So this is a design that I made real quick hehe. It is available for men and women at Php240 each.

       Now I call this my Starvebucks t-shirt LOL. Skulls and skeletons have been a common subject in art. You will usually find a "skeletonized" version of a popular figure. From the Mona Lisa,  Buddha, to Mickey Mouse, even Barbie and Bart Simpson.  So here's my take on the popular coffee brand. Available for men and women at Php 200 each.

      My goal is to produce one design per month in 2013. Well I was able to produce 12 because one of the screens, the one that makes the Ethiopia jersey, also produces the Jamaica jersey. Anyway, my shirt brand now has 23 designs (excluding some designs I phased out). I planned to have printed stocks by the end of the year but I failed to make them because of the same old excuses. Harhar. With printed stocks, I will be able to deliver right away and also readily join bazaars.

       So I really have to start printing them early next year. At least 4 sizes for every design for men and ladies, and 2 colors for each design. So that's around 368 shirts and I would probably still  be making new designs along the way. Sounds pretty realistic, I think.  Unless delays will get in the way. Good delays, I hope. ^_^

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Into The Busy Season We Go!

     So how's your first week of December? Preoccupied with the concerns of the coming holiday season I guess. Well I certainly am. The last month of the year brings me more orders, surprisingly even when I'm poor on marketing my products and services hehe.

       This holiday season seem to be more on shirt printing because I've been sliding my squeegee more since mid November. People are starting to buy more than a single BuhayBohemio shirt - obviously for gifts.

      Last Monday I delivered 26 shirts for 199jobs.com. They are giving away these shirts for their top buyers and sellers. Yeah they went tutti-frutti with their shirt colors this time. Why not?

        Also I've just completed 27 pieces of varied BuhayBohemio shirts last Thursday. A friend of mine joined a bazaar and he will be selling these shirts there. Really I never though somebody else will beat me on first selling my own line of shirts  in a bazaar hehe. It's all good anyway.

         Next week I'll be printing some reggae shirts for another friend who also joined a bazaar.  Keep it coming guys! LOL Just enough for me to enjoy the Holidays.