Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Shirt Printing Project of 2013

     I've completed these yesterday morning. Uniform t-shirts, 16 pieces with a 2-color logo at the front, department and company name at the back with an employee's name on each shirt. Commissioned by a neighbor, a young guy renting an apartment in front of our house with 2 or 3 of his office mates. Obviously they saw all the shirts that I've been making in the garage and so they asked me to make shirts for their team. They probably couldn't find a shirt printer that will accept less than a hundred shirts in the middle of December where most are all booked up with orders.

      Really, I avoid making these kind of shirts. I mean, making them myself. So tedious and less artful. But I ended up making this, because I felt that I shouldn't turn down this blessing that literately came knocking on our gate despite me not marketing my services that much. It's just 16 pieces anyway, it didn't look so hard.

        I'm glad I accepted this project anyway. Aside from the profit, I gained some knowledge from the experience. Maybe someday I could figure out how to set my press for printing different names on the sleeves.

       Well now that this project is over, I'm looking forward to a stress-free New Year celebration! ^_^

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