Friday, December 13, 2013

New BuhayBohemio Shirts!

      So here are the shirt designs for the last quarter of 2013. They were already available last month but I failed to post about them. Been busy as usual. Couldn't even find the time to model them hehe. Actually I'm one shirt short and it looks like I won't be able to produce the last design before the year's end. 

      This is my 420 t-shirt. Pronounced as four-twenty, the number is a code-term for the consumption of cannabis, also for the cannabis subculture, or simply cannabis itself. In North America, April 20 (4/20) has become a counterculture holiday where they gather to celebrate and smoke pot.  Some events are for the advocacy for the legalization of cannabis. 

      My friend Avhel of PinoyDreadman was first to sell these shirts last month. He requested for a new design when he ordered a bunch of Rasta-Reggae themed shirts from me. So this is a design that I made real quick hehe. It is available for men and women at Php240 each.

       Now I call this my Starvebucks t-shirt LOL. Skulls and skeletons have been a common subject in art. You will usually find a "skeletonized" version of a popular figure. From the Mona Lisa,  Buddha, to Mickey Mouse, even Barbie and Bart Simpson.  So here's my take on the popular coffee brand. Available for men and women at Php 200 each.

      My goal is to produce one design per month in 2013. Well I was able to produce 12 because one of the screens, the one that makes the Ethiopia jersey, also produces the Jamaica jersey. Anyway, my shirt brand now has 23 designs (excluding some designs I phased out). I planned to have printed stocks by the end of the year but I failed to make them because of the same old excuses. Harhar. With printed stocks, I will be able to deliver right away and also readily join bazaars.

       So I really have to start printing them early next year. At least 4 sizes for every design for men and ladies, and 2 colors for each design. So that's around 368 shirts and I would probably still  be making new designs along the way. Sounds pretty realistic, I think.  Unless delays will get in the way. Good delays, I hope. ^_^

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